Bad Breath: How NOT to stink it up for the holidays!

west seattle dentistWith the holidays arriving, your West Seattle dentist thought it’d be a great idea to remind you about bad breath.  What actually brought this up was I was visiting the Pacific Science Center with my kids.  I was checking out the new “Wellbody” exhibit and there was a whole section on brushing your teeth and things relating to the mouth.  “Oh goody!” I thought as I started exploring the section.  On one wall there was the “Odor Decodor”, where they had several mouths open and waiting to be sniffed.  As you squeezed under the mouth, a positively disgusting vomit inducing smell hit you in the face.  Believe it or not, it was common place things, like plain old bad morning breath, garlic breath, coffee breath, periodontal disease breath, and minty breath.  Except for maybe the minty breath, every single one of them made my stomach turn for the worse!  Well played, Pacific Science Center, well played.

So why bring this up around holiday time?  Well if your schedule is filling up like mine is (oh the horror!), you’ve got a party or some holiday to-do every weekend this month!  The potential of meeting new people and being in close proximity to others is eminent.  Here are some ways to combat bad breath in general, and what to do when you’re on the road.

Bad breath=bacteria stinkin’ it up in your mouth.

That’s great but what can you do about it?  The number one easiest way to prevent bad breath is to brush your teeth, floss and brush your tongue.  Easy right?  Than do it!  I don’t know how many exams I’ve sat through with Dr. Kirchner and heard her actually tell people to brush their tongue!  She can see it through the light people.  Your tongue shows up bright orange.  Brush your tongue!

You can also get a tongue scraper, either from Dr. Kirchner or anywhere else that will gently remove all the filmy buildup on your tongue where the bacteria thrive.  This buildup is called biofilm, and it’s a breeding ground for bacteria.  Remember: bacteria in breeding ground stinkin’ it up = bad breath.

Mouth wash helps of course, but if you don’t have proper hygiene in the first place, it can only mask bad breath for so long.

Another way to avoid bad breath is to not eat things that cause it, namely stinky foods like garlic, onions, or coffee.  If you’re going to be partying, maybe avoid those things just to be safe.

Probably one of the stinky-est things is the smell of periodontal disease.  Didn’t know a disease had a smell, did you?  Since periodontal disease is basically your gums rotting, that’s where the smell comes from, rotting gums.  In order to get this type of bad breath under control, it will take getting your mouth healthy again.  This involves visits to your hygienist and also good home care.  As your gums get healthy, the smell will go away.

So when you’re out and about this holiday season, a couple of tools to keep handy would be a travel floss to help with stuck food, preferably minty flavored to help with breath, and maybe xylitol gum , also to help with stuck food and smell.  Swishing with water will help get food out of there and keep you stinky breath free.  I’m not sure about you, but I can’t keep a full size tooth brush and toothpaste in my glittery clutch, can you?

Done everything you can but can’t seem to get rid of bad breath?  Give Dr. Kirchner a call today!


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