Countdown to 2013…and a free In-Office Whitening treatment!

Countdown to 2013...and a free In-Office Whitening treatment!

Hi there! You West Seattle dentist wants to remind you that as of midnight tonight, 2012 will be over and 2013 will begin!  What an awesome year!  I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did!  I wanted to remind everyone though that today is the last day to enter for a chance… Read More

Last Minute Christmas Shopping!

Last Minute Christmas Shopping!

With Christmas less than a week away, your West Seattle dentist wanted to give you a couple more gift ideas for the holiday season.  There might just be something here that you didn’t know you needed! Got a 5-7 year old around with wiggily teeth?  Around this age range, kids start shedding their baby teeth.… Read More

Presents? From the dentist office??

Presents?  From the dentist office??

I stopped by Dr. Kirchner’s West Seattle dentist office for a visit this past week, and while there I discovered that there were lots of pretty packages all wrapped up around the office.  There were fun things to buy for gift giving this holiday season! I’m sure that’s never crossed your mind as a possibility,… Read More