Dental Emergencies: Be Prepared in Less than 5-Minutes


Emergency: A serious, unexpected situation requiring immediate action.

This is Not a Test!

Emergencies can occur any time and without warning. This holds true with dental emergencies as Dr. Kirchner, your elite Seattle dentist knows all too well. When do you ever plan to have your dental crown breakaway while eating, or an errant elbow to knock out a tooth during a “friendly” game of basketball? In fact, dental emergencies often occur at the most inopportune of times.

While you can’t always prevent a dental emergency, you CAN control your response to one. Knowing how to handle such an event can largely impact the outcome. Keep your smile happy and healthy, learn to:

  1. Act quickly. It can make the difference between saving or losing a tooth.
  2. Minimize panic and confusion.
  3. Avoid unnecessary discomfort. Get your smile back on track sooner rather than later.

How can you do all this?

Be Prepared

Dental professionals are ready and able to provide a diagnosis, treatment plan, and any pain relief that may be required for those suffering a dental emergency. How can you avail yourself of our services immediately?

Enter the contact information of your dental care provider onto your cell-phone and other electronic devices right now.

  • Christine Kerchner DDS
  • 6451 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle WA 98136
  • 206-938-4540

Don’t Worry—Be Happy!

In the event of a dental emergency, (think re-attaching a veneer or crown, attending a knocked out tooth, or performing an emergency root canal) connecting with our dental office should be as straightforward as hitting speed dial. Spare yourself the panic and confusion regarding what to do or where to go next! Our qualified staff will guide you through the process, bypassing any wait times normally associated with appointments.

Share this reminder with friends and family to ensure they too are equipped to respond to any smile emergencies. Such emergencies can’t always be avoided, but by working in conjunction with your  Seattle emergency dentist, your smile will soon be pain-free and at the top of its game again!

Tell us: Other than 911, what other emergency contacts do you feel are worthy of allocating to speed-dial?