How to get your kids to brush their teeth for 2 minutes

west seattle dentistSeeing how we are a family practice, your West Seattle dentist, Dr. Christine Kirchner (who is also the mother to two boys) is always trying to keep up on tips, tricks, and products to help kids with their oral health.  As a mom of three kids, I (her blog author) too am always looking for tips, tricks, and products to help my kids want to keep their teeth clean.  One day, we flipped on Disney Junior and saw an ad for the Disney Magic Timer.  As our family is a little obsessed with all things Disney, I decided to download it and see what it was all about.

So this is how the app works.  First, after downloading on to your phone or tablet, you make a profile with your favorite Disney/Marvel character as your avatar.

west seattle dentist

Then you choose to brush.

west seattle dentist

After that, you can scan a Crest or Oral B product that has a Disney or Marvel character on it.west seattle dentist

A little animation then plays and then your screen fills with toothpaste bubbles and your child brushes and watches the toothbrush brush away the bubbles to reveal a picture.  This becomes a sticker in their album that they can look at (my kids ask to look at their albums after every brushing).  They get gold stars on a calendar to show how many days in a row they have brushed too.

west seattle dentistwest seattle dentist

At first I was skeptical how this would work.  If you are like any other person in the world, when you actually time out 2 minutes (which isn’t a long time) it feels like a SUPER LONG TIME to brush.  My kids though, like I think most kids, zonked out as soon as they saw the glowing screen in front of them and stood there for the entire two minutes and brushed (or chewed on their tooth brush).  They not only survived the two minutes, but wanted to do it again to get more “stickers” and see their favorite characters again.  I now let them brush their teeth for the first minute and then take over for the 2nd minute (because come on, they are 6 and 3, they can’t proficiently brush their teeth yet).  I would highly recommend this app to anyone with kids.  And best of all, its at the low, low price of FREE!!west seattle dentist

Check out a video about it here!

**Disclaimer**  Neither Dr. Kirchner nor her blog author were paid to endorse this product, Disney, Marvel, Crest or Oral B.  Her blog author just thought it was really cool and thought you might think so too.