In which we talk about how to get movie star white teeth FASTER!

west seattle dentistIn office whitening

10-14 days not fast enough for you?  The other type of whitening your West Seattle dentist Dr. Kirchner does in her office is just that: In office whitening.  This is done in one 2.5 to 3 hour appointment.  What happens during the appointment is this: one of Dr. Kirchner’s lovely assistants will paint the whitening gel on your teeth for you and then shine a special light onto your teeth.  You’ll do 3 to 4 fifteen minute sessions of the light, with more gel applied in between each session.  After the last session, you’ll be as white as your going to get.  As a parting gift, you’ll also get custom made whitening trays and some whitening gel to take home for touch ups.

Questions anyone?  Yes, you right there:

Why does the in office whitening take 2-3 hours?  As far as I can tell, you’ve only described about an hour of the appointment.

The in office whitening appointment takes 2-3 hours just because of all the prep work involved isolating your gums and face and lips, making your take home trays (done while you are having the light shone on your teeth) and then clean up afterwards.

Which one is better?

west seattle dentist

Both are going to get you as white as you’re going to get, obviously the in office whitening  just gets you there faster.  The thing to consider when choosing which one is right for you is your tooth sensitivity level.  Because of how the whitening agents work, it can cause some sensitivity.  This is not permanent and just usually lasts while you are whitening, and for some patients the next 24-48 hours after you are done whitening.  Since the in office whitening takes a shorter amount of time, it’s a stronger formula.  If you’re worried about being sensitive, it might be better for you to do the take home kit, where you would have more control over how long and how often you whitened.

Dr Kirchner has recently changed the brand of whitening material she uses to Whiter Image, which uses a blend of hydrogen and carbamide peroxide to help aid in not causing sensitivity while whitening.  If you are worried about which treatment is right for you because of your sensitivity, talk with Dr. Kirchner and she will help you make the right choice.

Help!  I’ve done a whitening procedure but I didn’t get white?  What happened?

If you have crowns or have had tooth colored fillings done, they won’t whiten.  If you’ve had some tetracycline staining issues, you will whiten, it will just take several treatments.  Dr. Kirchner will be able to help you decide if whitening, and which type, is right for you.

Great, clear as mud?  Give the office a call today to get scheduled for your whitening procedure.  And then give everyone you know sunglasses, because your teeth are about to become shiny bright white!

Next week: Veneers: What are they exactly?