In which we talk about how to get movie star white teeth

I can tell that you are getting excited about doing some kind of cosmetic work to your teeth.  The question is, what exactly do you want done?  If you like the shape of your teeth and smile right now, but just wish it was a *tiny* bit whiter, than getting your teeth whitened is the answer for you!

Whitening your teeth is an easy, fast, fun and safe way to improve your smile.  How a whitening procedure works is this: an ADA approved (read: a safe to put in your mouth type) peroxide goes on your teeth.  Since peroxide is a mild bleach, it basically does just that, bleaches your enamel.  There are a couple of different ways of achieving a whiter smile.  In your West Seattle dentist’s office, Dr. Christine Kirchner has two ways of whitening your teeth.  One is a kit you would take home, the other is done right in her office.  Well, not her OFFICE office.  You know, like in one of the dental chairs.  We’ll talk about the take home kit today.

Take home kit

west seattle dentistWith the take home kit, you’ll come in and have some impressions taken of your teeth (HELLO READ THIS: don’t remember or didn’t read my post about impressions?  Click here and then come back.).  The next day, one of Dr. Kirchner’s lovely assistants will have a set of trays ready for you to pick up and start using.  These trays, thanks to your impressions, are custom fit to your teeth, so it’s a sure bet that that whitening gel will ooze around your teeth perfectly.  In addition to these custom fit trays, you’ll be given a whitening kit that has the whitening gel inside.  You’ll go home, brush your teeth, put a little gel in the trays, and then wear it for about an hour.  Do this every day for 10-14 days.  After this time period, your teeth (in most cases) will be as white as they are going to get!  Easy peasy, right?

The take home kit is a great option for people who might have sensitivity issues.  The reason is that you have more control over how long and how often you wear the trays.  If wearing both top and bottom trays everyday for an hour is too much, maybe only wearing them for a half hour everyday is better.  Or only wearing the top one first and then the bottom the next day.  Or only wearing both every other day.  All of these different scenarios do mean it will take a little longer to get to your whiteist, but you’ll be able to get there more comfortably.

Are my teeth going to be this white forever now?

The key to any cosmetic procedure, dental related or not, is maintenance.  The beauty of both options is you have take home trays and gel you can use to touch up.  Through normal life activites (ie: eating and drinking) you’ll start to notice how you aren’t as white and bright anymore.  But the nice thing is you’ll only have to touch up for one or two days, not 10-14.

Come back next week as we discuss the other whitening option in Dr. Kirchner’s office : In office whitening, also called ZOOM!