Invisalign: What is it and is it right for you?

So you’re thinking about getting braces.  But you’re an adult, and you don’t really want to get those little silver square thingys on your teeth.  Well, Invisalign might be the right solution for you!

What is Invisalign?

That’s a great question!  Invisalign is a system that moves your teeth around by using clear (read: see through) acrylic retainers.

Wait, what’s a retainer?

A retainer is made of acrylic, and is in the shape of your teeth.  It fits over your teeth just like a glove fits on your hand.  See, like this:

west seattle dentist

Cool huh?

 Ok, so all I have to do is wear a retainer and I’m cured?

Basically, yes!  Here is the short version of the process.  Dr. Kirchner’s staff will custom make you a series of retainers.  The retainers will move your teeth gradually.  You’ll wear each set over a period of about two weeks.  Because they are custom made for you, the number of sets varies from patient to patient.  It just depends on how many teeth need to move and how much they need to move.  Once you run out of sets, your teeth will be in place!

This sounds pretty neat, but will people be able to see my retainers?

Because they are made out of clear acrylic, most likely no one will even notice that you have your retainers on.  This is great since the only time you won’t be wearing them will be when you eat.

Alright.  I’m ready to do this!  Where do I sign up?

The first step is to determine if you are a good candidate.  Dr. Kirchner will do a thorough dental exam.  Once she determines if Invisalgn is right for you, she will take a series of records, including pictures, X-rays, and models of your teeth to create,  basically, a blue print of your mouth that she will then form a precise movement treatment plan from.  These records will be what your series of trays are made from.

If you are ready to get the smile you’ve always wanted, call your West Seattle dentist Dr. Christine Kirchner today to make a consultation appointment!

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