It’s National Children’s Dental Health month!

west seattle dentistAt your West Seattle dentist office, Dr. Kirchner and her team want you to know that February is National Children’s Dental Health month!  Your kid’s teeth are very important.  Regardless of whether they are at a stage where they have no teeth, to if they have baby teeth falling out, to if they are in braces, its important to help your children take care of their teeth!  Kids don’t have the manual dexterity to properly brush their own teeth, alone, till they are about 12, so make sure you as a parent are helping them form good oral hygiene habits young and teaching them how to take care of their teeth!

  • Help them brush 2 times a day!  In the morning to help brush plaque off their teeth that formed overnight (and to help with morning breath!) and at night to brush the plaque off that formed during the day.  Of course 2 minutes is the end goal each time, but lets face it, if you’ve ever had an 18 month old in a head lock on the floor of the bathroom while trying to brush their teeth, sometimes that is just not realistic!  Form the habit (in a terror free, friendly way) and then aim for the time limit. Remember, let them brush around first and then follow up with a good thorough brush yourself.
  • Aim to floss at least 3 times a week!  Are your hands too big and their mouths too small to get in there?  Buy the children’s flossers!  Often times they have cool shaped handles and the floss is a yummy flavor your child won’t mind going into their mouth.  And often times they are embedded with flouride!
  • Offer healthy snacks.  Keep in mind often times it isn’t the quality of the snack being provided, its the amount of time the food stays on the teeth(think about how long it takes to eat a sucker compared to eating a piece of chocolate).  Crackers and sticky things can get stuck in nooks and crannies on the teeth.  Follow these kinds of things with apples or cheese that help clean your teeth, and have them chase snack time down with water.
  • Schedule regular checkups with Dr. Kirchner! Did you know Dr Kirchner treats kids of all ages? Dr. Kirchner and her team will be able to clean off plaque that has hardened into tarter and keep an eye out for cavities and when baby teeth will be coming out and grown up teeth moving in.  Make sure to schedule an appointment every 6 months starting from around when they are one years old.

To celebrate National Children’s Dental Health month with your kids, check out for activity sheets and calendars for the kiddos!

Time for a check up?  Call the office and schedule an appointment today!