Last Minute Christmas Shopping!

With Christmas less than a week away, your West Seattle dentist wanted to give you a couple more gift ideas for the holiday season.  There might just be something here that you didn’t know you needed!

west seattle dentist

Got a 5-7 year old around with wiggily teeth?  Around this age range, kids start shedding their baby teeth.  This might be the perfect gift to house their teeth till they are passed into the Tooth Fairy’s care! You can get this one here.

west seattle dentist

If you know someone with a specific favorite flavor, you might be able to find toothpaste in that flavor!

west seattle dentistwest seattle dentist
You could also add matching flavored floss and mints to their toothpaste too(although these aren’t matching…I just couldn’t believe they had these flavors!)

 I must digress.  I just found bacon flavored candy canes!!!


Ok, back on track.

west seattle dentist

 A tooth ring?  Slightly disturbing, but hey, if you’re into that kind of thing, here is the gift for you, or them.

 west seattle dentist

For the baker: a tooth shaped cookie cutter

west seattle dentist

For the art enthusist or clever one in your life…you can pick it up here.

 west seattle dentist

Oh this one is awesome too! Buy it here!

Hopefully this has given you some ideas!  Good luck this last week before Christmas!

***Dr. Kirchner was not endorsed by nor does endorse any of the products in this post.  Her blog author just thought they were cool and thought you might think so too!


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