Its all about a good first impression

It’s May, and this month we will be talking about the types of cosmetic services your West Seattle dentist Dr. Christine Kirchner has to offer in her office.  Now I’m not talking about getting your eyebrows waxed or your nails done, I’m talking about everything from whitening your teeth to getting full mouth reconstruction.

Whatever you decide you may need or want done, one of the basic things Dr. Kirchner will do is take impressions of your teeth.  An impression is a negative mold of your teeth.

Wait, what??

Ok, in non-dentist speak an impression is an imprint of your teeth.  What happens is this:

One of Dr. Kirchner’s lovely assistants will use a tray that fits over your teeth filled with gooey stuff to take an imprint of your teeth.  This creates a negative mold for them to pour liquid stone into (real stuff!  Not just fake super hero stuff) that creates models of your teeth.

An actual patient getting dental impressions taken at our West Seattle dentist's office

Wait a minute.  What is this gooey stuff?  Is this the stuff that makes me puke?

The gooey stuff is called Alginate.  It’s kind of like a runny play-doh that becomes more solid over time when you put it in your mouth.  It’s really good at forming around your teeth, so it takes really accurate models of what your teeth look like so Dr. Kirchner can look at them outside of your head.

As for the puking part of things, I’m sorry if you fall into that category.  What the issue is is this:  Your soft palate is the back part of the roof of your mouth.  If something touches and presses against it, it triggers your body to start gagging and puking because basically it’s sending a message saying “WARNING! WARNING!  YOU ARE TRYING TO SWALLOW SOMETHING THAT IS TOO LARGE TO FIT DOWN YOUR THROAT!”.  Good ole’ body, looking out for your welfare.  Some ways to deal with it are to first, relax.  Second, breathe through your nose.  Third, lift your right leg.  Fourth, read about the latest sleeze in the tabloids.  Basically do what it takes to take your mind off what is currently happening.

But what do they need models of my teeth for?  Aren’t the ones in my head good enough?

Impressions taken at the office of Seattle dentist Dr. Christina Kirchner

Great question.  It depends on what you are having done.  If you are whitening your teeth, they will use the models to make whitening trays for the bleach to go in while you’re wearing them.  If you are having some veneers done, Dr. Kirchner will use them to create what’s called a wax up to see if you like how they will look.  If you’re having full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Kirchner will basically use them to create a blue print of your mouth and decide how exactly the reconstruction will go.  Wouldn’t you rather her figure that out on models of your teeth than on your actual teeth?

Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Dr. Kirchner and her staff have the experience and expertise to make your cosmetic dentistry experience a smooth process by doing prepwork like taking impressions of your teeth.  Give the office a call today to set up a consultation for getting the perfect smile you always wanted!

Next week: Get ready to strike a pose during your personal photo shoot!