Meet Meagan! — Hygienist Seattle

Whether you’ve been a long time patient, or just recently new to the practice, your West Seattle dentist, Dr. Kirchner, wants you to be informed on allHygienist Seattle things dental, and that includes who is taking care of your teeth!  This week, we’d like to help you get to know one of our hygienists, Meagan, a little better!  We asked her a couple of questions regarding her career in dentistry:

What made you decide to enter the field of dentistry?

I was always one of the kids that strangely enjoyed going to the dentist and one of the weird ones that actually WANTED  braces- I guess I’ve felt pulled toward the dental world since I was young. Once I started working for an orthodontist when I was 20 I really fell in love with dentistry and braces and smiles and all things TEETH. They just fascinate me. So I was hooked, and started applying for Dental Hygiene school.
Hygienist SeattleAww!  That’s awesome!  So where did you go to school?
I attended Arizona State for my undergrad and prerequisites, then once I knew I wanted to pursue dental hygiene I moved back to Spokane (where I’m from) to finish up prerequisites at Spokane Falls Community College. Then finally, I graduated from Pacific University with a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Health Science, and loved every minute of my experience there. The hardest but most rewarding experience for me!
So how long have you been with Dr. Kirchner?


I started working for Dr. K last year, January 6th, 2014. I’m so glad they chose me to be a part of their awesome team! I never thought  I would be lucky enough to get into an office like this so early on in my career.
Wow!  That is really nice of you to say.  Thank you!  So what do you do when you aren’t at the office?
When I’m not at work, I really enjoy working out- running on Alki Beach, hiking, playing volleyball…. basically anything active/outside… Probably my favorite thing to do enjoy is our family lake cabin on Priest Lake in Northern Idaho. Most beautiful place in the world, and where my husband and I got married!
I’ve heard that place really is magical, and what a special place for you to get married!  Awesome!  Anything else you’d like to west seattle dentistshare with us?
I am an avid Harry Potter reader/fan/enthusiast (and even whittled my own wand out of Priest Lake drift wood). I taught myself how to crochet 1.5 yrs ago and love it! I have 5 brothers and sisters who are my best friends. I tore my ACL twice in high school, first Basketball then volleyball. I have a Bengal cat, M.J., named by my husband after the one and only Michael Jordan…even though my cat is a girl lol.
Ha ha!  Thanks Meagan for letting us get to know you a little better!
Want Meagan to clean your teeth and chat with you about Harry Potter?  Give the office a call and we’ll get you scheduled today!