Presents? From the dentist office??

west seattle dentistI stopped by Dr. Kirchner’s West Seattle dentist office for a visit this past week, and while there I discovered that there were lots of pretty packages all wrapped up around the office.  There were fun things to buy for gift giving this holiday season! I’m sure that’s never crossed your mind as a possibility, a dental related gift, but I’m here to tell you its possible!

Have someone with sensitive teeth in your life?  Clinpro is the stocking stuffer for them!  This toothpaste works because it contains fluoride as well as calcium and phosphate, which are components naturally found in saliva. What this cocktail of awesomeness does is help remineralize the teeth (ie: helps rebuild areas that have become weak due to decay and bacteria) and also protect them from future sugar bug attacks (ie: cavities).

Want whiter teeth? Don’t forget about the Whiter Image Teeth Whitening pen and the Chic-Flic pen.  For the men, the no fuss Whiter Image Teeth Whitening pen fits in your pocket and is perfect for freshening breath and getting stains off teeth from coffee, tea, and red wine all while whitening teeth with its fast acting and gentle formula.  For the ladies, the Chic-Flic pen not only has all of the properties of the Whiter Image Teeth Whitening pen on the one side.  On the other side, it has a lip plumping formula to give her awesome poofy movie star lips! (No really, I’ve tried it myself, it really does work!).

If you want to go big ticket, In-Office Whitening or a take home whitening kits are also great presents to wrap up and put under the tree.   Someone you know want straighter teeth?  Why not think of the investment of Invisalign? Any of these gift options seem like a good choice for someone (or you)? Give the office a call and see what option is right for you!


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