west seattle dentistSo you’ve decided to have some cosmetic dental work done.  You’ll discover very quickly that your West Seattle dentist, Dr. Christine Kirchner will take lots and lots (and lots!) of pictures of the entire process.  Why does she do this?

For starters, everyone loves a good before and after comparison.   What shade are your teeth before you start whitening?  Oh wow!  Look how much whiter your teeth are after your whitened!  It also helps Dr. Kirchner to see the relationship of your mouth, smile and teeth to the rest of your face.  How high up does your lip move when you smile?  What about when you laugh? Do the edges of your teeth hit your bottom lip when you smile?  What does your mouth look like when you aren’t smiling, in fact maybe frowning?  These are all things Dr. Kirchner will need and want to consider, and the photos will aid her in designing your new smile.

Another reason she takes photos is because of the lab.  This is the place that will make your veneers or crowns.  It really helps them to be able to see things like face shape and skin tone.  They will also be able to see the correct shade that your teeth should be, because while it would be awesome to have Chiclet white teeth, if the rest of your teeth aren’t Chiclet white, the one, or two, (or 6!) tooth/teeth will look terrible, even if it is white.   Trust me people, you want your teeth to match, even if they aren’t Chiclet white!

Typically what happens is this: Dr. Kirchner, usually during the appointment you get your models done at, will take a series of about 10 pictures.  A couple will be of your entire face, but the majority will be close up of your smile and mouth.  She’ll even take several on the inside of the mouth.  Dr. Kirchner will use these to help create the blue print of what you are having done.  She’ll then show you what she’s found and how she recommends proceeding.

During the actual appointments when you are having your cosmetic dentistry done, she will also take photos , again to help the lab with shades of your teeth once they have been prepared, what your temporary crowns look like (we will discuss these later, don’t you fret!), etc.  And when the process is finished and you have that beautiful new smile, yes she will take photos of that too!

Now that you’re ready to get that brand new smile, give the office a call to get your glamour photo shoot consultation appointment scheduled today!

Next week we will discuss one of the easier ways to get those movie star white teeth.