The 2013 AACD Conference Seattle!

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What a great looking team! From L-R: Jessica, Areesa, Dr. Kirchner, Jillian, Parris, and Lacey

Last month, your West Seattle dentist Dr. Kirchner and her staff all packed up and headed to the AACD conference in downtown Seattle.  What is the AACD you may ask?  It is the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry!  And since Dr. Kirchner, who is a member of the AACD, and her team are always trying to learn new techniques and ways to make dentistry in their office even more comfortable and esthetic, they spent all 4 days at the conference.  I asked each of the team members to share a little bit of what they learned and what they were excited to incorporate in the office.  Look for some of these changes soon!


west seattle dentist

Dr. Kirchner and Areesa enjoying a break!

It was a wonderful experience to have attended AACD in Seattle this year.  Last year it was held in Washington DC & next year will be in Orlando, FL. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is a conference where the best educators, dentists and team members in the world come together. We are able to learn, grow and collaborate different ideas. We then take back all we have learned & provide a better overall experience for our patients. Our Management systems, communication skills, clinical systems & technology systems are all put to the test & we are able to refine & polish where it is needed. We are so excited to implement what we have learned to provide quality care to our patients & customer satisfaction.

west seattle dentist

Breakfast at the conference! Hope they have toothbrushes at the end of the table!


AACD 2013 was an amazing opportunity to hear from some of the best dentists in the country. I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Lee Ann Brady speak about some of her philosophies that continue to make her one of the best cosmetic dentists. Her ideas and philosophies on setting obtainable expectations of treatment through effective communication was very helpful in our daily practice. Her lecture gave us many useful tools that we can implement at our office and bring a greater experience to our patients.
My favorite class at the AACD convention was “Bleaching from the youngest to oldest” with Dr. Van B. Hayword. My favorite moment was when we learned about Carbamide Peroxide. It’s safer for teeth than other commonly used bleaching products, ideal to wear overnight and can help the health of your gums and teeth! We learned about the different types of bleach and how they compare to each other. Carbamide peroxide was the tried and tested choice for Dr. Hayward who has done years of research on whitening products. I would love for Dr. Kirchner’s office to incorporate Carbamide peroxide as a whitening product in the office. It is safe, effective and affordable! I’m sure all of our patients would try it and love it!
west Seattle dentist

Areesa and Jessica gearing up to learn

I enjoyed my experience at this years AACD conference. It was full of exciting new ideas and techniques in the dental world.  I especially enjoyed my class on temporary crowns. The speaker was very informative and gave great ideas that I’m excited to incorporate into our work. I also took a very detailed course on tooth whitening. This class had lots of wonderful ideas on safe & effective bleaching, including efficient in-office power bleaching without the use of using a UV lamp. So many more ideas & things learned, its hard to list them all!  Overall it was a very fun & innovative experience for me and I thank Dr. Kirchner for taking our office to this conference!

Stephanie Lodding, RDH spoke about lasers in dental hygiene and also the importance of the oral health/systemic link for health and wellness. One great thing about lasers in dental hygiene is that they can greatly reduce bacteria in the oral cavity. Lasers can be healing and not just in the mouth, they can aid in the reduction and/or removal of ulcers, canker sores or fever blisters. There is a continuing link between chronic periodontal disease and inflammation to other systemic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. There are salivary tests available to check for key periodontal bacteria, DNA and HPV, the latter linked with oral cancer. There are various bacteria that can cause periodontal disease, it is important to know what that specific bacteria is so that it can be effectively treated, for instance, what a person does during their home care when they have an infection. The DNA test is used to find out if a person is more likely to develop periodontal disease. Finally, the Human Papilloma Virus test can determine if one is at higher risk of developing HPV related oral cancers. Scientific advancements in this area of prevention means that in dental hygiene, we can continue to prevent oral and systemic health diseases and educate patients to the best of our abilities.  While at the conference, I also enjoyed Brene Brown.  She spoke about her book “Daring Greatly” and her philosphy.  It was very inspiring.  It was a wonderful conference

Well there you have it folks!  It sounds like everyone learned a lot and is excited to incorporate what they learned!

Check back next week to learn more about one of the changes they are making!

west seattle dentist

The team got to enjoy a welcome reception at the EMP at Seattle Center.