The Ultra-Sonic scaler: toothbrush of the future!

Since October is National Dental Hygienist month, I thought I’d talk about one of the tools that hygienists use to help get your teeth clean.  It’s called an ultrasonic scaler, and each of the hygienists in your West Seattle dentist’s office has one!

What the heck is an ultrasonic scaler right?  Well, it’s a device that your hygienist, either Jillian or Lacey, uses to gently remove plaque and tarter from your teeth.  It works by simultaneously removing plaque and tarter with gentle vibrations of the instrument and flushing out debris and bacteria with water.  It also removes stain buildup caused by coffee, tea and life.  Patients usually LOVE this.  I’ve had patients request extra cleanings because they love how gentle it is and how clean their mouths feel afterwards.  Here’s a short video that’s not scary to show how it works:

Click here to see how it works!

The ultrasonic scaler helps your hygienist quickly and efficiently get your mouth thoroughly cleaned, and provides you with super shiny squeaky clean teeth.  The technology has been around since 1957, but of course has only improved over the years to now provide you with an enjoyable cleaning experience at the dentist office.  Your hygienist will begin the appointment with the ultrasonic therapy, cleaning all the debris (read: gunk from lunch) and stain off of your teeth.  Then, Lacey or Jillian will use hand instruments to remove the tougher tarter and stain off.  They will then follow up using the ultrasonic scaler one more time to flush out all of the debris and bacteria that they just removed.  They’ll end with a quick polish and fluoride treatment and Voila!  You’re all done!

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