Whitening on the go? Who ever thought!

west seattle dentistDo you ever have this problem?  You’ve just finished your favorite cup of hot chocolate (or coffee, or glass of red wine) when all of the sudden you look in the mirror and (eep!) you see you’ve got unsightly hot chocolate/coffee/red wine stains all over your teeth!  You don’t have a toothbrush (phff! Who carries one of those around? Certainly not me!), so what do you do?

Enter Whiter image Teeth Whitening Pen.  This little baby is great on the go.  Its about the size of a Sharpie pen and will easily fit in your pocket or purse.  What it is basically is a tube of whitening gel that you can brush on your teeth.  It gets rid of the stains caused from your favorite stainy food right away.  It’s also mint flavored to help you have fresh breath after your feasting or drinking.  At the same time as removing your stain, it is also whitening your teeth without causing sensitivity or slobberi-ness.  You can do your whitening treatments on the go!west seattle dentist

Another fun product that Whiter Image has for the ladies out there (or the guys too I guess) is a Chic-Flic Pen.  Same idea as the Whiter Image Whitening Pen, but an added bonus: one end is the whitening gel, the other end is a special lip plumping gloss.  Both ends have little mirrors on the bottles to aid you in applying the whitening gel or lip gloss, AND (so cool!) there is an LED light that shines on the applicator to also help you see what you are doing!

Your West Seattle dentist Dr. Christine Kirchner carries both products in her office.  Swing by the office today to pick up yours!   AND, be sure to check back here soon to find out the details for a special giveaway!