Yup. There’s an app for that!

So I was farting around the internet trying to figure out what to write for this post.  Talk about bacon flavored floss again? Naw.  Post about the whitening contest winner? Not enough material (although a big fat CONGRATS to SHANNON STARR!!).  Talk about how your West Seattle dentist’s very own website has been nominated for Best Site of 2012? (HELLO! CLICK HERE TO GO VOTE FOR US!!).  There.  I just talked about it.  Then I came across the ADA’s website for everyone who is not a dentist and discovered this:

The ADA dental symptom checker

Hmm.  Seems kind of like whatever.  So I started playing around with it.  And it’s actually pretty cool!

What it is is an app for self-diagnosing dental issues you may be having.  First you tell it your sex, and then age.  I was horrified to discover at the young age of 31 I was categorized into the “middle age adult” category.  I digress.  Anyway, so then you go to a picture of the human head from the neck up and click on the area you are having trouble with.  I chose the mouth.

west seattle dentist

Choose the area bothering you!

The next step is to choose the specific area you’re having an issue with, in this case I chose the teeth.

west seattle dentist

From there, you can choose anything from a tooth knocked out to a depression or groove in your tooth.  You then choose your pain level and VOILA! It gives you a variety of possible issues you may be having.  I have to say my favorite was the “Electric Shock Sensation” that may occur from chewing aluminum foil.  Um…what?  Who chews on aluminum foil???  But it was a real possible condition!

The important thing in every single condition, it did recommend an action your dentist could take and recommended you see your dentist.  Its kind of like the nurse line of dental issues.  In the end you probably need to see your dentist, but it just tells you how quickly to get to the office.

Would you rather not be tied to your computer when checking your dental symptoms?  No worries!  You can download the app for free onto your iPhone*.  Worked like a charm and I was able to diagnose what to do if my tooth is knocked out.

west seattle dentist

There is even a nifty button to help you find the nearest dentist, complete with a button to give you directions on how to get there!

west seattle dentist

Hey look! It’s Dr. Kirchner!!

Interested in what all your aches and pains could possibly be from the cheeks down to the shoulders?  Visit www.mouthhealthy.com and check out the Symptom Checker or download the app for free onto your phone!

*Dr. Kirchner neither endorses nor was endorsed by Apple to mention the iPhone.  Her blog author just happens to have one and that’s how she checked to see if there was an app for that.