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Invisalign in West Seattle

You may think the answer to a straight smile means enduring years of ugly metal brackets, but we’re happy to offer an alternative: Invisalign clear braces! Dr. Kirchner is a qualified Invisalign dentist in Seattle, who helps her patients achieve straighter, healthier smiles in the most comfortable, discreet way possible.

Enjoy The Straight Smile You Have Always Wanted

Invisalign gently straightens teeth using a series of custom-fit clear trays that fit effortlessly over the teeth. Because there are no metal wires or brackets, Invisalign trays are virtually unnoticeable while worn and can easily be removed for eating, drinking, and oral hygiene.

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Invisalign in West Seattle is More Affordable Than Ever!

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Creating your customized Invisalign treatment begins with a workup of digital photos and x-rays completed in our office. Impressions will be taken of your upper and lower teeth, and then a set of aligners will be made. About every two weeks, you’ll be provided with new aligners, which will move your teeth, little by little, until the desired results are accomplished. By wearing the trays, only removing them when needed for eating or hygiene, you can have a straighter, more perfect smile in around one year!

Invisalign in West Seattle is the comfortable effective way to straighten teeth! Improve your oral health and accomplish a more perfect smile by scheduling your Invisalign consultation today!

Vivera Retainers

Now that you achieved that perfect smile you’ve always wanted, protect your investment with Vivera retainers!

Without a retainer, your teeth are under pressure to shift back into their old positions. Wearing Vivera retainers helps you maintain your teeth in their new, optimal positions.

A Vivera Retainer

These custom-made retainers are created using the same technology that is used to develop Invisalign aligners. Having a custom-fit retainer means it is very comfortable for you to wear and highly effective at protecting your teeth.

One of the outstanding features of Vivera retainers is their strength. They have proven to be 30% stronger than comparable retainers, which means they are great at keeping your teeth where they belong and are at low risk of cracking or breaking; one more way they protect your investment in your smile.

Invisalign and Vivera are great options for getting and retaining a beautiful smile. We would love to discuss whether these options are the right ones for you. Call us today at (206) 938-4540 or contact us for a friendly consultation with Dr. Kirchner.