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Bridges in West Seattle

Having a great smile instills confidence and boosts self-esteem. Thanks to the wonderful advancements of dentistry, even those who have lost teeth due to an accident, age, or disease can regain their ability to smile proudly. Dental bridges restore missing teeth and provide strength, function, and a renewed appearance to a once damaged smile.

Exploring Your Dental Options For a Missing Tooth?

When you have missing teeth, what a bridge does is fill in the gap. It attaches to each of the remaining teeth on either side of the gap and then has an artificial tooth or teeth placed in the gap. Of course, a dental bridge offers many esthetic advantages, but there are also significant oral health benefits provided by a bridge: a bridge aids in the support of the surrounding remaining teeth, which protects the alignment of the bite, and secures eating, chewing, and speaking functions.

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It is important to Dr. Kirchner, your West Seattle dentist, that any restoration placed in your smile is of the highest quality and appears completely natural. She works closely with you from beginning to end, completing diagnostic models and digital photos so she can design a custom treatment plan through careful discussion of your needs and desires. Also, Dr. Kirchner works exclusively with some of the best dental labs in the area, ensuring that your dental bridge will look fantastic.

A dental bridge gives you the ability to improve your dental health and have the beautiful smile you deserve. If you have one or more missing teeth and are exploring your tooth replacement options, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Seattle dental expert, Dr. Kirchner.