A man laying on the couch checking his phone and smiling illustrate how partial crowns & onlays from Dr. Kirchner, one of the top Dentists in Seattle can transform your smile

Partial Crowns & Onlays in West Seattle

Dentists in Seattle use partial crowns, or onlays, when damage to a tooth is beyond the ability to be restored with a standard filling, but not quite bad enough to need a full dental crown. An onlay is much like a puzzle piece, custom-fabricated by our dental lab to perfectly fit the cusps of your tooth for maximum protection and a natural look.

The benefits of onlays are varied:

  • They increase tooth stability when damage to the tooth is too extensive for a filling.
  • They are custom fabricated to fit the anatomy of your tooth exactly.
  • They require minimal removal of healthy tooth structure.
  • Materials used are durable, long-lasting, and natural in appearance.
  • They may prevent the need for a full crown down the road.

Our partial crowns and onlays in West Seattle are just one facet of our preventive approach to dentistry.

Not only do onlays provide superior protection, but we make sure they look beautiful, too! Dr. Kirchner works closely with our dental lab to create onlays that are custom-matched to the translucency and color of your tooth enamel.

Exceptional dentistry is about taking the most conservative approach to repairing a tooth. By using partial crowns, we’re able to provide patients with restorations that not only fit and function naturally, but don’t compromise natural tooth structure. Contact our office to schedule your appointment with Dr. Kirchner, one of the top dentists in Seattle.