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“I had a bad crown from an old dentist in California, which has been replaced three different times with different dentists. When it came loose, I went to Dr. Kirchner and she is the first dentist who has been able to alleviate the constant sensitivity I’ve had on this tooth. She took one look at it and said, ‘I can see where it’s hitting high,’ and was able to file it down perfectly. I am SO RELIEVED! This is the first time my mouth has been pain-free in years. There are some dentists who just have an extra ability to really understand and solve their patients’ concerns, and she is one of them.” – Mari

“I’ve been a patient here for about 15 years. I have really sensitive teeth and don’t like to get cleanings. Thanks to Dr. Kirchner and her amazing staff, I get my teeth cleaned every six months and they always do a great job!” – Shann

“This was by far the best dental experience I’ve ever had. I recently moved back to West Seattle so wanted to find a dentist closer to home. I schedule an appointment for my annual cleaning, X-rays, general exam and to have a TMJ issue looked at. Dr. Kirchner and her team were super nice, knowledgeable, and thorough with procedure explanations. I found the whole visit to be a breeze and have since recommended my boyfriend switch dentists.” – Ely

“After 35 years in the foreign service, during which time I served in many developing countries where dental service was wanting or non-existent, my teeth fell into serious disrepair. After arriving in Seattle in 2002, I became a client of Dr. Christine Kirchner, who set upon the monumental challenge of restoring my teeth. My wife had heard of her good work from members of the community.

Dr. Kirchner evaluated the situation and set out a plan to put things in good order. It was a formidable task that lasted over a year and required many visits to the dental chair. She was ably assisted by her staff who conducted themselves in a professional and cheerful manner. Her approach to setting out a complete restoration (all teeth, upper and lower jaws) was well explained and instilled confidence in her competence to see the work through.

In the end, my teeth now have an excellent appearance (a view shared by family members) and are perfectly aligned so as to allow normal mastication. Previously I suffered from TMJ, which is now totally disappeared. I fully recommend Dr. Kirchner and believe her to be the best dentist I have ever patronized.” – Alexander

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