A woman holding a custom mouthguard from our West Seattle Dentist

Mouthguards and Nightguards

Are you an athlete who participates in high-impact sports? Do you grind your teeth while sleeping? Your teeth can easily become damaged due to a sudden sports accident or by slowly grinding in your sleep. West Seattle, WA Dentist Dr. Kirchner provides custom-fit mouthguards and nightguards for those looking to protect their teeth during 24/7.

Your Teeth Need Protection For a Long Healthy Life

Mouthguards can do more than protect your teeth during sports. Wearing a mouthguard during high-impact sports such as football, basketball, hockey, or snowboarding has been proven to add protection for the soft-tissue of the mouth, neck injury, and even help prevent concussion.

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Nightguards protect teeth during sleep by providing a smooth and even surface that cushions teeth from tooth-on-tooth grinding. Without the protection of a nightguard, grinding can wear down the tooth enamel, cause tooth sensitivity, make teeth more prone to decay, or lead to a temporal mandibular disorder (TMD).

The best sports mouthguards and nightguards are custom-fit and designed to match the specific contours of your mouth. Many don’t realize that store-bought alternatives often don’t fit well, and in some cases can do more harm than good. When it comes to your well-being, choosing a customized solution designed by a professional is always the better choice.

Keeping your smile strong and healthy is important for your oral health, self-confidence, and general wellness. If you are a sports enthusiast who participates in high-impact sports, or are someone who has discovered you’re grinding your teeth during sleep, don’t hesitate to get the protection you need. West Seattle, WA dentist, Dr. Kirchner, can fit you with a customized mouthguard or nightguard that meets your individual needs. Contact our office today!