A couple smiling to show how our West Seattle Dentists use metal-free fillings to keep your smile looking natural and bright.

Metal-Free Fillings

We want people to see you, not your dentistry! That’s just one of the reasons why our West Seattle dentist uses metal-free fillings instead of metal amalgam fillings. It’s true, metal-free fillings are more natural looking than traditional metal fillings, but the benefits of a metal-free filling go far beyond esthetics.

Keep Your Smile Looking as Natural and Healthy as Ever!

Metal-free fillings, called composites fillings, are designed of a tooth-colored composite material that can be bonded directly to the tooth without compromising its natural structure. They require less removal of healthy tooth and greatly reduce the risk of fracture (metal fillings expand and contract with temperature changes while composite fillings do not).

Metal-free fillings let people see you, not your dentistry!

Dr. Kirchner also pays close attention to the appearance of the metal-free fillings she places. Using an artistic eye, careful layering and blending allow the fillings to look perfectly natural. Once the material has set, the tooth is healthier, stronger, and beautiful–only you will know you’ve had a filling!

Composite fillings are a conservative way to restore a cavity-damaged tooth while preserving and protecting your natural smile. If you are currently exploring West Seattle, WA dentists for you and your family’s oral health care needs, contact the office of Dr. Kirchner today!